The Most Common Garage Door Repair Problems and the Top Tips for You to Follow

Garage door repairs in Pleasant Grove, Orem, Lehi and Provo are common because of the extreme weather in Utah.

Here are some preventative measures to take:

The difference in seasons cause very specific problems for each. Knowing how each season affects your garage door can help you prevent problems. If you already have one of these problems now, call us and we will help you with it right away.


Home garage door repair in Winter and in Provo.


With winter and snow, come frozen garages. Garages have weather stripping, but with frigid cold temperatures comes the wearing down of this stripping.

If your garage door becomes frozen, forcing it open is the last thing you want to do. This will break your motor and make matters worse.

#1 tip is to remove all the ice that is freezing your garage door closed.  You can do this by pouring hot water over it and shoveling it away. 

Another thing that can happen is the hardening of the grease that keeps your motor running smoothly.

#2 tip is to not use more grease, this is actually a mistake. When people do this, it will make things worse. Instead, remove the old grease and then reapply a silicone based oil.




With spring, comes rain, and a lot if it, so water damage is the most critical problem that affect garage doors during the Spring months.Home garage door repair in Spring and in Provo.

The water gets trapped inside the garage and causes humidity. This will cause the panels on your garage door to warp, and will cause rusted chains and garage door motor parts.

If you see your garage door leaking, call us and we can get this replaced for you. If you see rust building, make sure to get it removed as soon as you can to prevent your motor from stopping to work altogether.

#1 tip is to not procrastinate in getting the rust removed, this will only cause more damage and more headaches down the road.



Home garage door repair in Sumer and in Provo.The heat that come from summer months causes dried out springs. This is one of the most common problems with all garage door repairs. The first sign you will notice when you have dried out springs are very loud screeches while opening and closing the
garage door.

#1 tip is to keep your garage door lubricated with high temperature lithium grease.




This is by far the best season for your garage door’s health. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. The main issue that arises when it’s fall, are leave blowing into garage door tracks, which can cause slips. But this is uncommon, and if you do experience this, we can get it back on track for you.

Broken springs are the most prevalent problem in garage door repair. Garage doors are heavy and they eventually take a toll on these springs. The average life of a garage door is 10,000 cycles.Home garage door repair in Fall and in Provo.

#1 tip-

Although this is the most common problem, it doesn’t make it the simplest. It is something that a professional should fix because of its intricacies and potential harm in trying to fix it yourself.